How Do You Make an Origami Balloon?


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To make an origami balloon, make the first creases, fold into squares, make squash folds to create a diamond, fold the paper into a hexagon, create flaps, tuck into the flaps and inflate the balloon. Making an origami balloon takes roughly 15 minutes and requires a square sheet of origami paper.

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  1. Make the first creases

    Fold the square corner-to-corner to make a triangle. Crease well, then unfold. Repeat this procedure with the other two corners.

  2. Fold a smaller square

    Match the bottom two corners of the paper to the top two, and fold. This creates a rectangle. Matching the corners side-to-side, fold the rectangle into a square.

  3. Make a squash fold

    Half open the smaller square. Open the top flap, and press the paper down along the diagonal creases. This is a squash fold.

  4. Create a squash fold on the other side.

    Turn the paper over. Repeat the procedure for making a squash fold by opening the remaining flap and pressing it down along the diagonal creases. The paper should be in a triangle.

  5. Fold the corners

    Matching the paper along the edge, fold the right corner to the top point. Repeat on the left side. Flip the paper over, and repeat this procedure with the remaining two corners. The paper is now in a diamond shape.

  6. Fold the diamond corners

    Working with just the top layer, match the right corner of the diamond to the center, and press down. Repeat on the left side. Flip the paper over, and repeat the folds with the other two corners. The paper is now a hexagon.

  7. Fold the loose tips

    With the hexagon oriented vertically, fold the top over the just-folded corner so that the shape appears to have a wing off to the left. Fold this back on itself to create a small triangle.

  8. Open the flap

    Carefully unfold the flap under the small triangle just enough to expose the top edge. Open this top edge, and tuck the small triangle into the resultant pocket.

  9. Create a flap on the right side

    Repeat on the right side by folding out the loose tip, folding it back on itself, opening the flap and tucking the small triangle inside.

  10. Blow up the balloon

    Locate the small hole at the bottom of the folded shape. Blow inside the hole while separating the layers to inflate the balloon.

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