How Do You Make Organza Flowers?

How Do You Make Organza Flowers?

Organza flowers are easy to make, and you can customize the design in many ways. For materials, you need synthetic organza fabric, small beads or buttons and coordinated sewing thread. For tools, you need a heat source, such as a votive candle, scissors, a sewing needle and straight pins. You should work over a non-flammable surface and keep a jug of water or a fire extinguisher nearby.

  1. Cut the flower pieces

    Cut the organza into layers for the flowers. You can use a pattern or cut freehand. Each flower needs at least six layers, but you can add more if you want a bigger flower. The layers should gradually decrease in size, with the biggest layer being on the bottom.

  2. Make the flower petals

    Hold each piece of organza over a heat source and slowly rotate it until the edge has crinkled inward. Experiment on a few scraps before you begin with the flower pieces.

  3. Assemble the flower

    Once all the edges have been finished, stack the petals from largest to smallest. Use a straight pin to hold the pile in place. Choose a button or bead to form the flower center, and sew it in place. Remove the straight pin once the center is secure. If you want to attach the flower to another piece of fabric, glue or sew a small circle of coordinating felt to the back. Sew through the piece of felt to attach the flower to the other fabric.