How Do You Make an Online Game?


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Make an online game using creation tools such as Stencyl, Flowlab or Sploder. These free design tools allow users of all skill levels to create different styles of games and post them online.

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Stencyl is a powerful downloadable game design tool that requires no programming knowledge to use. The program’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to snap pieces of games together and build original creations. You can also upload original graphics to use for character models, and the program offers a robust online community with many free downloads. Stencyl offers a wide range of more advanced programming options for physics and other gameplay parameters.

Flowlab is a Web-based design program that allows you to create games directly within your browser, with no downloads required. Like Stencyl, the program requires no knowledge of programming, though it offers more in-depth features for advanced users. Flowlab’s design platform is intuitive and collaborative, making it simple to create and test games. The site also allows you to view code for many other games to see how they were created.

Sploder is a simpler design tool that is ideal for younger designers. Using the program’s in-browser interface, select from a number of game templates, including arcade, platformer, shooter or puzzle. Sploder also offers more advanced programming options for physics and algorithms.

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