How Do You Make an Olaf Plush Toy?


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Make an Olaf plush toy by collecting white fleece for use in the body, brown fleece for the arms and head sticks, black felt for face and body, orange fleece for the nose and stuffing. Sew the fleece into sections to form the body and arms, then attach the felt.

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The character Olaf from the Disney movie "Frozen" consists of three snowball sections that form the lower body, torso and head, along with stick arms and a carrot nose. To create the snow body, use white fleece to make one round section for the lower body. Cut two circles to make the top and bottom of this section, then attach rectangular strips with round edges on the long ends to create the circular enclosing. Before sewing up the section, fill it with stuffing.

Create a more cylindrical white section with a flat top and bottom to serve as his torso. Finally, create an oblong sphere to use as the head.

Cut out four hand patterns in the brown fleece and sew them together to create the arms, leaving extra stuffing on the ends without the hands. Sew this extra fabric onto the torso to attach the arms. Make a circle in the orange fabric, then cut it from the edge to the center point to create a cone and attach it to the face. Cut out the eyes and body buttons from the felt and glue them to the appropriate sections.

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