How Do You Make a Ninja Costume?

How Do You Make a Ninja Costume?

To make a ninja costume, make a set of ninja stars, secure a T-shirt as a mask over your face and head, and put on black clothes. Finish the costume with a red sash with the stars tucked in and a costume ninja sword.

  1. Make ninja stars

    Make a template for ninja stars, and transfer it to a piece of cardboard. Cut out the stars, and wrap silver duct tape around them. Repeat this procedure for as many stars as you desire.

  2. Pull the T-shirt on for the mask

    Pull a black T-shirt with a tight collar over your head. Stop when the collar is resting against the bridge of your nose.

  3. Pull the back up over your head

    Flip up the back of the T-shirt. Pull it over the top of your head until it covers the top of your forehead. It should stop just above the eyebrows.

  4. Secure the back of your mask

    Take hold of the sleeves and the loose ends of the shirt. Wrap the fabric around your neck

  5. Put on black clothes

    Pull a black turtleneck over your head, and finish putting it on. Make sure the ninja mask is tucked into the collar of the turtleneck. Pull on a pair of light-weight black sweatpants. Put on a pair of black boots.

  6. Complete the costume

    Secure a red length of fabric around your waist as a sash. Tuck the ninja stars into the sash. Strap a ninja sword to your back.