How Do You Make Necktie Handbags?


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To make a necktie handbag, first use brown kraft paper to make a 12-inch by 15-inch template. On the bottom along a 15-inch side, use a mug to trace rounded edges onto the pattern, and then cut those edges off. Cover the paper pattern by laying the ties out on top of it.

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Cut the ties at the top and bottom making sure the ties remain slightly longer and wider than the pattern. Use approximately seven ties for the front of the pattern and seven ties for the back. After cutting off the tie ends, save two ends to re-purpose as handles for the bag.

Using a zigzag stitch, sew the ties together. Take 1/2 yard of interfacing, and trace the paper pattern onto its fabric side. Cut the interfacing 1/2 inch from the drawn line. Follow the same steps for the second side. On the back of the tie fabric, lay the interfacing glue-side down. Then, iron the interfacing so it can fuse to the ties. Pin the tie fabrics together, and sew around the sides and bottom of the bag. Turn the bag inside out.

Cut two pieces of lining fabric, using the pattern as a guide. Sew the lining fabric pieces together on the bottom and the two sides. Take the two leftover tie ends, and pin each end to the purse shell on the finished sides. Slide the outer shell into the lining.

Sew the lining leaving a 4-inch opening at the top. Align the lining top edge with the tie fabric top edge, pin together in a circle, and sew the edges together. Turn the bag right side out by pulling it through the opening. Slipstitch the opening closed, and put the lining inside the bag.

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