How Do You Make a Namine Cosplay Outfit?


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To make a cosplay outfit of Namine from "Kingdom Hearts," sew a white sheath dress with a scalloped hem. Wear a blond wig and blue sandals.

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  1. Take your measurements

    Take your measurements or have someone take your measurements, so that you know what size to make the dress. Measure around your chest, waist and hips as well as the length you want the dress to be. The dress should fall above the knee. Add at least 1 inch for seam allowances when calculating how much fabric you need.

  2. Cut out the fabric

    Use white fabric for the dress. Cut the front and back pieces for the dress. The dress should have a square neckline, shoulder straps and no sleeves.

  3. Sew the dress

    Sew the edges of the dress together along the sides and at the top of the straps. Hem up the edges of the neckline and arm holes. Hem the bottom of the dress with a scalloped hem. Turn the dress inside out, so that the seams are on the inside.

  4. Add a blond wig and sandals

    If you do not have blond hair, get a blond wig to wear. Trim the wig to match Namine's hairstyle. Wear blue sandals. If you cannot find blue sandals, paint a pair of sandals blue.

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