How Do You Make a Mummy Doll?


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To make a mummy doll, cut a 2-foot piece of 12-gauge jewelry wire, form the wire into a doll shape, and cut white muslin into 1/2-inch strips. Wrap the strips of muslin around the doll form, and tuck the end of the fabric under the wrapped fabric to conceal it. Alternately, dye 1-inch strips of muslin with brewed tea, and wrap the dried muslin around a stuffed animal or doll. Tie the strips together as needed.

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To dye the muslin, use black tea. Steep one tea bag in hot water, soak the muslin in the hot tea for five minutes, and allow the fabric to dry before cutting it into strips. Make the edges of the muslin strips ragged by cutting 1-inch slits in the edge of the fabric. Then, tear the fabric at each slit.

Wrap the first piece of fabric around the stuffed animal or doll, tying a knot around the doll to secure the fabric. Continue wrapping the doll by tying new pieces of muslin onto the ends of previous pieces. Knot the last strip of muslin around the doll to secure it. Another option is to wrap a wooden block with muslin strips. Glue the fabric strips to the wood, and glue googly eyes onto the block to finish the project.

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