How Do You Make a Mousetrap Ping Pong Ball Launcher?

Creating a mousetrap ping pong launcher only takes a few minutes and some household items. To build the launcher, you need a wooden mousetrap, pliers or vice grips, a metal spoon and duct tape.

  1. Remove unnecessary metal

    Begin by using pliers or vice grips to remove the metal from the trap's wooden base except for the spring-loaded metal bar.

  2. Position the spoon

    Place the mousetrap on a table with the U-shaped bar pointing away from your body. With the bowl facing down, tuck the handle of the spoon underneath the bar. Position and center the handle perpendicular to the spring, and then slide the tip as close as possible to the spring without touching it.

  3. Secure with duct tape

    Use duct tape to fasten the spoon to the crossbar. Start with thin strips in an X-pattern over the handle and around the bar. Continue taping until the spoon and the bar resemble a solid object.

  4. Launch a ball

    Hold the catapult down with one hand. Tuck a ping pong ball into the palm of your other hand. Pull back the crossbar, and place the ball in the bowl of the spoon. Make sure your fingers are safe from injury, and launch the ball.