How Do You Make a Mousetrap Car?

How Do You Make a Mousetrap Car?

To make a mousetrap car, add eyehooks and dowels for the axles and metal washers for the wheels. To safely set the trap, wind string around the back axle and the lever.

  1. Gather your supplies

    In addition to a mousetrap, you need four 2-inch washers, small rubber bands, four 1 1/8-inch long eyehook screws, two 3/16-inch thick wooden dowels that are three inches long and heavy string.

  2. Remove the lever

    Remove the mousetrap's lever from the spring. Straighten out the wire, but keep the hooked end. Reposition the lever so that it points towards the back of the trap, which is the front of the car.

  3. Add the wheels

    Screw the eyehooks into the short sides of the mousetrap, 1/4 inch from the edges. If needed, pre-drill holes. Add a washer to one end of each dowel, and add hot glue on the end to secure. Thread a dowel through the eyehooks on either end. Add a washer on the other end of the dowel, and secure with hot glue.

  4. Tie on the string

    Cut a piece of string 12 inches long. Tie one end of the string between the two eyehooks at the front of the mousetrap, and tie the other end to the lever's hook. Apply a dab of hot glue to both knots.

  5. Add traction

    Wrap a couple of rubber bands around each of the back wheels.

  6. Set the trap

    Lift the lever, and turn the back axle counter clockwise to wind the string. Keep hold of the lever.

  7. Release the car

    Set the car on the ground. Carefully let go of the lever to release the car.