How Do You Make a Mosaic Bird Bath?

How Do You Make a Mosaic Bird Bath?

There are many approaches to making a mosaic bird bath, and one of the easiest involves gluing small glass tiles to a sealed terra cotta saucer. The required supplies are a 12-inch terra cotta saucer, terra cotta sealer, tile adhesive, a foam brush, sanded grout, outdoor grout sealer, paper towels, water, a putty knife, rubber gloves, a sponge, clean rags, a paper cone mask and safety goggles. This project takes about two days.

  1. Seal the saucer

    Rinse a 12-inch terra cotta saucer and let it dry overnight. Apply terra cotta sealer with a foam paintbrush and give it two hours to dry. Rinse the brush.

  2. Glue the tiles to the saucer

    Daub adhesive on the back of a glass tile and place it on the saucer. Repeat until the saucer is covered with tiles. Maintain 1/4 inch of space between adjacent tiles.

  3. Mix the grout

    Put on safety glasses and a paper cone mask. Add water to the powdered grout until it forms a thick paste, then let it sit for 10 minutes. Remove the mask and safety glasses.

  4. Spread the grout

    Don rubber gloves and spread the grout over and between the tiles. Wait 20 minutes, then wipe the drying grout with a clean, dry rag. Wait another 30 minutes, then wipe the tiles with a wet sponge. Wipe them at 20-minute intervals for up to two hours.

  5. Buff the grout

    Buff the tiles with a clean, soft rag. Let the bird bath dry for 24 hours.

  6. Apply outdoor sealant

    Use the foam paintbrush to cover the entire birdbath with a penetrating outdoor sealant. Wait 10 minutes, then gently wipe the birdbath with a dry paper towel. Wait two more hours, then apply a second coat of sealant.

  7. Install the birdbath

    Place your mosaic birdbath on a pedestal, column or large inverted terra cotta flower pot. Apply additional sealer once a year.