How Do You Make a Mop Doll?


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To make a mop head doll, remove the mesh strip, and tie yarn tightly around the bundle of strings. Fold the mop in half where the yarn is tied, and tie another piece of yarn tightly around the folded bundle to form the doll's neck and head. Separate and braid the arms, and tie the ends of the arms with yarn. Tie yarn around the doll's waist, separate the doll's legs, and tie yarn around the bottom of the legs.

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When removing the mesh strip and strings that bind the mop head together, remove the mesh carefully to prevent tangling or separating the mop strings. Tie the first piece of yarn as tightly as possible in the center of the mop, and tie the second string in the desired location of the doll's neck.

After tying yarn onto the mop to form the waist, separate the strings below the waist to form the doll's legs, and tie yarn at the desired location to form the doll's feet. If desired, sew buttons onto the doll's face to form eyes, and trim the strings on the ends of the arms and legs. Other decorations, such as clothing or additional facial features, are also an option.

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