How Do You Make a Mop Angel?


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Make a mop angels by forming yarn or mop strings into the body of a doll and cutting wings out of printed cotton fabric. Use flowers and ribbons to embellish the doll.

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Start making a mop angel by cutting off 10 10-inch strings from a new mop head. Fold eight strings in half, and sew them together at this point, forming the top of the head. Fold the strings down to form the rest of the body, and tie a piece of yarn around the folded mop strings a few inches down from the center part. Instead of sewing the mop strings together, tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the mop strings to create the part, and tie another piece of yarn under the fold to form the head.

After forming the head, braid three strings together on either side for the arms, and tie a piece of yarn at the ends for the wrist. To make it a praying angel, hot glue the hands together in the middle. Tie a ribbon, piece of fabric or yarn 3 or 4 inches down from the head to form the doll's waist. Cut half-circles or wing shapes out of printed cotton fabric, and glue them to the back of the doll for the wings. Cut the remaining two mop strings in pieces, and glue them to the angel's head for the hair.

Finish by using a pen to draw a face on the angel. Decorate the angel with extra flowers and ribbon as desired.

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