How to Make a Money Tree?


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To make a money tree, gather branches, spray paint the branches, paint the pot, secure the branches in the pot with florist foam and attach money to the branches with ribbon or decorative clothes pins. Making a money tree takes about two hours and requires branches, twine, a flower pot, spray paint, florist foam, and ribbon or small clothes pins.

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  1. Gather the branches

    Choose leafless branches or pine branches for your money tree. Arrange the branches into a bouquet, and wrap twine around the bottom of the bundle to secure the branches.

  2. Paint the branches

    Spray paint the bundle of branches. For easier painting, stand the branches upright in a hole cut in an upside-down shoebox.

  3. Prepare the pot

    Paint the flower pot, and allow it to dry completely. Ribbon or raffia can be added to the pot for extra decoration. Cut a block of florist foam to fit inside of the pot. Stick the bundle of branches into the florist foam, and cover the top of the pot with moss or tissue paper.

  4. Attach the money

    Roll the bills, and attach them to the branches with ribbon. You can also use small, decorative clothes pins to clip folded bills to the branches.

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