How Do You Make a Money Necklace?

How Do You Make a Money Necklace?

Make a money necklace or lei by folding paper bills in accordion fashion, securing them onto a length of curling ribbon and stringing them together with straw pieces as spacers. Tie the ribbon ends together to form the necklace. Begin this project by gathering a quantity of paper money, curling ribbon, colored tissue paper, clear plastic drinking straws and scissors.

  1. Collect the money

    Visit a bank to acquire crisp paper bills in the denomination of your choice. Use as many bills as possible for an attractive final product. Accordion-folded tissue paper bow ties can be inserted as spacers if desired.

  2. Assemble and cut

    Cut a 6-foot length of curling ribbon, 6-inch lengths of sheer ribbon (as needed), 1/4-inch straw spacers and dollar-bill-sized sheets of tissue paper spacers (as many as desired).

  3. Fold and tie the bills

    Crease each bill vertically into 1/4-inch accordion-style pleats. Pinch the bill, and tie the center with sheer ribbon to form a bow-tie shape. Do the same with the tissue papers. Link together the bows by tying the sheer ribbons onto the curling ribbon. Thread a piece of plastic straw onto the curling ribbon between bow ties. When the desired length is reached, tie the ends together.