How Do You Make Money With a Cricut Expression?

The first way of making money with a Cricut Expression is choosing a craft you wish to sell. After selecting the craft, you need to price it competitively so that it sells well. List your item to get it out to the market place, and create more avenues by promoting it. Promoting your Cricut Expression is the most important step in making money.

  1. Select the craft you want to sell

    There are many crafts to select from, including creating stencils for using on painted items or walls, greeting cards and adhesive vinyl decorations for use on painted walls. You can create handmade pieces through the combination of creativity the Cricut Expression enables. The handmade pieces are sold to various markets to earn money.

  2. Price your item

    You must price your item competitively to earn money from it. Do not overprice the item, because your target audience may not buy it because of the high price. Conduct market research on prices of similar handcrafts so that you price it within a reasonable range.

  3. List and market the item

    List your item on various virtual and physical marketplaces, such as eBay, among others. Virtual markets provide the best way of selling smaller items, such a paper crafts. Visit the local markets as well as art galleries to see where your products fit. The most important step for selling your crafts is through promotion. Advertise to your friends, family, social networking and by use of professional avenues such as business cards.