How Do You Make a Model of the Globe Theater?

Making a model of the Globe Theatre can be accomplished from scratch using the scale and design of the globe or model kits can be purchased and assembled per the supplied instructions. The Globe Theatre is known throughout the world as the theater that hosted many of Shakespeare's plays. The original building no longer exists, but a replica has been erected using archaeological evidence of the original building as well as what scholars know about theater in William Shakespeare's time.

  1. Study images of the Globe Theatre

    Although the Globe Theatre is not a large theater, it is intricate in its design. In total, there are four levels. So it is necessary to study the positioning of the seating as well as the ground level and state.

  2. Determine the scale

    The original footprint of the globe is a circle that encompasses a 100 foot diameter. There are a total of 20 seating galleries in the globe. This makes it easy to determine a scale because 100 is an even number divisible by many numbers. The first level of the globe occupies 25 percent of the ground level. It begins 2 feet from the ground and rises 12 feet. The second level is 11 feet high and the third 9 feet high.

  3. Decide what materials to use

    Before building, it is necessary to decide what materials to use. Since the Globe Theatre is round, there should be some materials to stabilize the outside walls. Most people stood in Shakespeare's time, so it is not necessary to construct seats inside the theater. There are two stairwells, however, and a rectangular stage.

  4. Use drawings and diagrams to guide in the construction of the model

    Since it is not known exactly what the Globe Theatre looked like, it is necessary to rely on drawings and diagrams of what scholars believe the theater looked like. The more diagrams and drawings that are used, the more detail that can be included in the model.