How Do You Make Minnie Mouse Ears?


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To make Minnie Mouse ears some firm black felt, a polka dotted ribbon, two black headbands and a warm glue gun will be needed; the felt can then be cut into shape using a printout template and combined with the headbands to make a wearable set of ears. Using these everyday materials, a set of Minnie Mouse ears can be made quickly and easily.

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The Minnie Mouse ears can be made by following these easy instructions:

  1. Download a Minnie Mouse ear template from the Disney website.
  2. Print out the template, then use it to cut out the ear shapes from the felt using the scissors. Cut two ear templates for each headband.
  3. Take the center portion of the first ear piece and, using the hot glue, attach it to the underside of the first headband.
  4. Glue the round edges of the ear piece together, while ensuring all the edges match up correctly.
  5. Repeat the process in order to attach the second ear piece to the first headband, making sure to leave a gap between both the ears (around 3 to 4 inches).
  6. Take the second headband and attach the remaining two ear pieces in the same fashion as the first.
  7. To finish both sets of ears, take the polka dotted ribbon and tie a large bow on the headband in the space between both ears.
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