How Do You Make Miniature Figures?

make-miniature-figures Credit: rollingrck/CC-BY-2.0

Miniature figures are made by molding polymer clay into desired shapes using sculpting techniques.These figures are posable or fixed in place. Proportionate figurines that are rich in detail look realistic.

  1. Draw the figure

    Start by making a sketch of the figure you want to sculpt. Study anatomy before you sketch to make the figurine life-like.

  2. Create the armature

    The wire structure that will be under the figure is known as an armature. Make the armature for the figurine with 22 to 28 gauge copper or aluminum wire. Bend the wire into the shape you want the figure to be. Use cork to hold the wire as you work on it.

  3. Sculpt the head

    Sculpt a head for the figure from elastic polymer clay. Use a 1 inch = 6 inches scale to work out the proportions. Change the look of each character by adjusting the facial features. .

  4. Make the hands

    Pay attention to details, pose and proportions while making the hands. Use tools that allow you to add the fine details.

  5. Create the torso

    Sculpt the torso to show the chest and the upper arms. Use a limited amount of polymer clay for the torso of posable figures to ensure the figurine can be bent while dressing it in costumes or other clothes.

  6. Sculpt the legs

    Fashion the legs, ankle and feet. Shoes can be sculpted, or the figure can be barefoot.

  7. Pad the body

    Use string, yarn or thread to pad the body. Wrap the yarn securely and in a single layer.

  8. Choose a hairstyle

    Use viscose, embroidery floss or removable wigs to give the figure hair. Decide on the hairstyle for the figure, and trim the fibers to match your vision.

  9. Paint the figure

    Use acrylic paint or watercolor, paint brushes, primer and sealer spray to paint the figurine.