How Do You Make a Mini Whirligig With a Pattern?


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To make a mini whirligig with an available pattern, first print the available patterns from a website such as Exploratorium. This site offers two different size patterns to test which size works better. Cut out the patterns from the printed page, and construct the device.

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The pattern has four different sections labeled A, B, C and D. Sections A and B are on the top of the pattern and are cut separate from each other and folded in different directions. These two sections function as the wings of the whirligig, which is also called a roto-copter. Sections C and D are cut at the directed spot on the pattern and folded over each other to create the body of the device. The folded area is then folded slightly at the bottom and held together with a paper clip. The paper clip also acts as a weight to assist in flight and in casting the whirligig.

To throw the whirligig, hold it by the paperclip and toss it like a baseball. An alternative method involves standing in a chair and letting go of the whirligig as it flies to the floor. Air pushes upward on each of the two blades and makes the device spin to the ground. For best results, the blades need to be bent upward a bit.

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