How Do You Make a Minecraft Craft Table?

To make a craft table in Minecraft you must first gather wooden planks. One block of any type of wood will give you four planks that can then be made into a crafting table by placing them in the crafting grid.

A crafting table is one of the most important items in Minecraft because it is used to make more complex items such as tools and armor. It is simple to make and can be accomplished using only your hand, the only tool available to you when you first start playing.

First you need to find an area with trees. Simply approach a tree and break out a block of wood. This block will yield the four planks you need to create a crafting table. Arrange the planks in a crafting grid. The crafting menu can be opened by using "E" on a PC, the square button on Playstation, "X" button on Xbox or the triple-dotted button to the right of the hotbar on pocket editions of the game.

In the crafting menu you will see a four-square crafting grid. Place a plank of wood in each square and click create. This will give you a crafting table that can be placed in your inventory. The four-square grid will now be a nine-square grid that lets you make more complex items.