How Do You Make a Milk Jug Into a Skeleton?


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To make a skeleton out of milk jugs, cut the body parts out of the milk jugs using a pattern or your own design, then tie the pieces together using string. It takes approximately seven jugs to make the skeleton.

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The Party Animal and Green Planet 4 Kids both have patterns for each skeleton piece on their websites. Trace or draw the pattern for a hand on one jug with the wrist near the opening of the jug and the fingers near the bottom. Use scissors to cut out the hand. Use a hole punch to make a hole near the wrist part of the hand. Repeat for a second hand, and make two feet and two shoulders in this manner. Make two holes in the shoulder pieces, one near the top and one near the bottom.

For the skull, make the opening the neck, and cut out eyes, nose and a mouth following a pattern or your own design. Punch a hole into each side of the opening. On a separate jug, trace six ribs and a triangle near the bottom, cut them out, discard those pieces, place two holes on each side of the opening, and place a hole in the bottom.

For the hips, take another jug, and cut out two large identical holes on opposite sides with the opening on the top. Punch two holes in the opening of the jug, and two on the bottom where each leg attaches. Cut four arm bones, four leg bones, and two kneecaps from one or two more jugs, and punch holes on the top and bottom of each piece. Attach each part with string, and paint with glow-in-the-dark paint, if desired.

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