How Do You Make a Mike Wazowski Costume?

Mike Wazowski is the one-eyed monster from the 2001 Disney movie "Monsters, Inc." A costume can be made to resemble him using an exercise ball and a few other items.

Step 1: Make a paper mache form using a large exercise ball.

Using glue and newspaper, cover the ball and let it dry.

Step 2: Create an eye from a Styrofoam ball.

Cut the Styrofoam in half, and glue it in the center of the ball.

Step 3: Cover the form in paper mache and paint it.

Paper mache the whole ball, including the eye. After it dries, paint it green and add the eye details.

Step 4: Cut the holes.

Add holes for the head, arms and body. Pair the costume with a lime green shirt and leggings.