How Do You Make a Mesh Wreath?

To make a decorative mesh wreath, start with a wire wreath form, take pipe cleaners of a similar color to the mesh, and twist two of them into each section of the wire form. Twist one pipe cleaner on the inside wire and another on the outside wire.

Start attaching the mesh to the wreath form by the outside wire's pipe cleaner in one section. Gather a 10-inch section of mesh, and bunch it up before securing it to the next section's outside wire pipe cleaner. Repeat until the outside wire is completely covered, and check the mesh to make sure it looks good before securing the ends of the mesh behind the wreath. Add more pipe cleaners to the outside wire if the mesh doesn't look full enough.

Take another roll of mesh in a different color or width, and repeat the same process on the inside wire of the wreath form. If the wreath is not as fluffy as it could be once the inside wire is complete, use the middle wire of the form, and add more mesh of another type or color. You can also add accessories using a hot glue gun or zip ties. Trim excessive mesh that is not easily secured in the back of the wreath.