How Do You Make a Mermaid Tail?


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To make a mermaid tail, trace the pattern on any sheet of paper large enough to support the size of it. Use this pattern to cut the fabric of a swimsuit. Sew the swimsuit together at the edges, adding a swim fin to the bottom.

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How Do You Make a Mermaid Tail?
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The pattern material used to begin the mermaid tail project should be as thick as construction or postal paper. Have the person the tail is being made for lie on the paper. Trace the entire lower half of her body, from her waist to their toes, while adding a swim fin to the bottom. Add an inch of allowance around the trace if the tail is for a child and 2 inches if it is for an adult.

Fold a piece of fabric in half. Pin the pattern to it and cut along the edges of the pattern. Add 2 inches to the top for an elastic casing.

Pin the opposing sides of the fabric together. Sew along the edges of the fabric. Fold the top of the mermaid tail down and sew an elastic casing to it. Make sure the casing is snug around the waist. Place the swim fin into the bottom of the tail.

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