How Do You Make a Matchstick Building?


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Construct a matchstick structure by stacking several layers of matches on top of each other and weaving matches into the stack as structural support. A match house may be built without the aid of adhesives. Instructions for building a matchstick house are available on EnglishRussia.com.

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To build a matchstick house, start by placing two matchsticks parallel to each other, keeping the distance between the sticks slightly shorter than the length of a match. Place the matches on a hard, flat surface such as a CD case or a book so that you are able to turn the structure.

Lay eight matches over the two base matches at a perpendicular angle. Place another layer of eight matches perpendicular to this bottom layer. Continue stacking matches at the edges of the structure. Work around the sides, placing the head of each match perpendicular to the head of the previous one. Once you have created the desired height for the structure, place a layer of eight matches to cover the top of the building.

Use a coin to hold the structure in place, then insert four matches vertically, one through each corner of the existing structure. Fill in each side with a layer of vertical matches, then remove the coin. To construct the walls of the house, weave matches together alternating between vertical and horizontal placement on four sides of the cube. To make the roof, place vertical matches at different heights ascending to a peak at the center of two opposing sides. Lay matches horizontally between the two peaks.

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