How Do You Make Martha Stewart's Crepe Paper Flowers?

Make Martha Stewart's crepe paper flowers by folding and cutting crepe paper into flower shapes and attaching it to a small dowel. You need many sheets of various colored crepe paper, one 3/16-inch wooden dowel, a small saw or clippers, floral tape and masking tape.

Start with the center of the flower by cutting two different colors of crepe paper into two 6-inch strips. Fold the strips in half so that the folded edge is 6 inches long, and then cut 1-inch slices along this edge every 1/4-inch. Next, cut slices along the open edge for a fringe. To make the petals, fold a sheet of crepe paper in eighths by folding it lengthwise, crosswise and crosswise again. Cut the open end in a zigzag, and then cut along one folded end to turn the paper into two pieces.

Wrap the flower center strips around a 3/16-inch dowel cut into thirds so that crepe paper layers appear. Tape the strips in place, and then continue with the flower petals. Make sure to gather the crepe paper as you work to form more realistic petals. Tape the end of the crepe paper with masking tape, and then wrap the base of the flower and the dowel with floral tape for the stem.