How Do You Make a Marshmallow Launcher?

make-marshmallow-launcher Credit: Christina Kennedy/Getty Images

There are a number of different marshmallow shooting mechanisms that range from super simple to incredibly complex. A simple and effective marshmallow launcher is easily created using a few pieces of PVC pipes and some optional paint and decorations for customizing. Nothing says sweet revenge more than a marshmallow launcher, and these DIY mechanisms project soft, pillowy marshmallows for fun and delicious times.

A suitable launcher can be made with 1/2-inch PVC pipe and pipe fittings, creating a tube that perfectly nestles mini-marshmallows. A ruler is first used to mark off six 5-inch sections and one 8-inch section of the PVC pipe with a black marker. The marks previously created serve as the cutting lines for the sections of the launcher. Two T-shaped and two elbow-bend PVC connectors, as well as two end caps are needed as well. On the horizontal end of one of the T-shaped connectors, one 8-inch section and one 5-inch section are attached. One of the end caps is placed on the third opening of the connector. This combination forms one of the launcher handles. On the newly formed handle, another T-shaped connector goes on the open end of the short, 5-inch piece, with the connector facing up like an upside-down T. Two 5-inch sections areinserted into the two openings of the connector. Two elbow connectors are placed on each of the open ends of the 5-inch sections. The elbow on the vertical pipe should face to the left; the one on the horizontal pipe should face down. The last two 5-inch pieces are inserted into the elbow connectors; on the vertical one, an end cap connects on it to form the second handle.

The launcher is now ready to fire by gently placing the mini marshmallow into the uncapped pipe on the top of the launcher. Players take a deep breath and blow into the same opening to make the marshmallow shoot out of the barrel.