How Do You Make a Mansion in Minecraft?

How Do You Make a Mansion in Minecraft?

To create a mansion in the PC version of Minecraft, place several rooms together, and have them separated by doors, stairs, hallways and secret passages. Build a mansion in just a few minutes in creative mode, or take several days to build on in regular mode.

  1. Lay out the floor

    Decide how big you want your mansion to be by laying out a flat space for the main floor. Your flat space can be dirt, sandstone, concrete, gravel, wood or sand.

  2. Build your first room by the front door

    Create an entryway with a door, and then make your first room. The room can be tall with large windows that let in a lot of light, or small with lots of torches to brighten the area. You can get as creative as possible, because solid blocks can stack in just about any formation.

  3. Expand on the first room

    Connect to other rooms in the mansion with inner doors, hallways, stairs, ladders and trap doors. Create a library with bookshelves. Create indoor gardens with dirt and water blocks that have torches above them to supply light for plants. Create indoor stalls for animals. Create a roof made entirely of glass so you can see the surrounding countryside. Include powered mine cart tracks to get from one end of your mansion to the other for quick transportation. Be sure to have a bed somewhere in the mansion in case you need to re-spawn later.