How Do You Make a Man's Shirt Pattern?


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In order to make a man's shirt pattern, use measurements of the neck, sleeve length and chest circumference to create the pattern on pattern paper or use a favorite shirt as a template for the shirt pattern. When making a pattern, check the measurements of the person or shirt template against the new pattern with a tape measure before cutting out the pattern pieces.

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  1. Gather the items needed
  2. The measurements or actual garment to use as a template, pattern paper in half the width and full length of the shirt, a tracing wheel, a tape measure, transparent ruler, pins and a pencil with an eraser are needed.

  3. Use the measurements or template garment to transfer the pattern
  4. With a tape measure, measure the neckband, chest, hip and sleeve from the base of the neck to the wrist or simply use an existing, good-fitting shirt as a measurement template for the shirt pattern. Draw the grainline vertically down the center of the pattern paper. Attach the placket of the template to the grainline with pins. Pin along all of the hems and seams, making certain of the center points. Follow the pins with the tracing wheel to transfer the pattern. Repeat steps for the back of the shirt.

  5. Use a ruler to create the pattern
  6. Remove the template and connect the dots from the tracing wheel with a pencil and the transparent ruler. Following the holes, make the lines as straight as possible. Cut out the pieces, making sure all the traced patterns fit together nicely.

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