How Do You Make a Magician Costume?


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Essentials for a magician's costume include a cape, magic wand, playing cards, a rabbit and a top hat. Wear a suit and bow tie or tuxedo, or make it simple with a white button down shirt and black pants.

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A traditional magician's costume begins with a tuxedo or suit jacket. Wear a bow tie, a cumberbund and black pants or a black skirt. If formal wear isn't available, wear a white button down shirt. Top the outfit with a black or red cape. Black dress shoes complete the look.

If a cape isn't available, make it adding a drawstring to a piece of satin or polyester fabric. For a more finished look, sew a red inner lining onto a black cape. If sewing isn't an option, simply use a hot glue gun to finish the seams.

Magic accessories are the most important part of costume. Buy or make a magic wand. Tuck a deck of playing cards inside a pocket, or attach a few to the liner of the cape. Wear a top hat with a stuffed rabbit hidden inside. Pull the rabbit out to impress others with a magic trick. If a top hat isn't available, make one using felt and cardboard.

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