How Do You Make Magic Sand?

How Do You Make Magic Sand?

To make magic sand, spray dry, clean sand with waterproofing spray made from trimethylsilanol such as Scotch Guard or Guardsman. Allow the magic sand to dry before putting it in water.

  1. Gather the supplies

    In addition to the sand, you also need a waterproofing spray made from trimethylsilanol and some mixing bowls. If you want colored magic sand, purchase art sand in different colors.

  2. Fill the bowls

    Pour the sand into a bowl. If using multiple colors, pour each color into a different bowl.

  3. Spray the sand

    With the waterproofing spray, evenly coat the top of the sand. Shake the bowl to toss the sand and mix the waterproofing spray into the sand. Add more waterproofing spray as you toss the sand. Avoid saturating the sand with too much waterproofing chemical; apply just enough product to make the sand look wet.

  4. Dry the sand

    Leave the magic sand in the bowl, and let it dry before placing the product in water.

  5. Play with the magic sand

    Fill a glass bowl or fish tank with water. Add the magic sand to the water, and create underwater sculptures with your hands. To save the sand, empty the water from the bowl, and store the sand in sealed containers.