How Do You Make a Macrame Plant Holder?


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To make a macramé plant holder, cut six pieces of cord five times the desired length of the plant holder. Line up the pieces of cord together and fold them in half to create 12 even ends. Thread a 2-inch metal ring through to the bend and knot in place.

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Separate the cords into three sections of four cords. Anchor one of the three sections to a knotting board and knot the pinned cords into a tight square knot composed of two overhand knots. This knot is the top of the hanger. Secure another square knot below the first and unpin the section. Anchor the other two sections to the board and repeat the process, knotting the sections at the same lengths as the first section.

Separate each section into two pairs of two cords and marry two cords from one section with two cords from the section on the immediate left or right. This creates three new sections of four cords. Knot two square knots into each new section to create the base of the pot hanger. Ensure the knots are level across the sections to prevent tilting once the pot is placed inside the hanger. Collect the remainder of the cording and secure a final centered knot 8 inches above the last row of knots.

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