How Do You Make a Lydia Deetz Costume?

To make a Lydia Deetz costume, one needs a black dress, black combat boots and a wide-brimmed black hat. Pale makeup with black smudges under the eyes complete her washed-out look.

Lydia Deetz, played by Winona Ryder in the movie "Beetlejuice," is best known for her dark, somber clothing. Therefore, the clothes are the most important part of this costume. A long, oversized black dress is the centerpiece. Lydia preferred vintage clothing, so the more old-fashioned the clothing, the better. Long sleeves are a must, and a black lace shawl is a good touch. Pair it with black combat boots and a black sun hat with a wide brim to complete the outfit.

Since Lydia is constantly depressed and prefers to be in a morbid mood, her hair and complexion should follow that train of thought. Stringy, greasy black hair is key. Leave-in conditioner is perfect for obtaining this look. Use pale face powder or even very light grey Halloween makeup for a washed-out look. Smudge black makeup under the eyes to make them appear hollow and sunken in.

For Lydia's accessories, carry an old-fashioned camera as she is quite fond of snapping pictures of depressing subjects such as cemeteries and headstones. A book representing the one she found in the movie, "The Handbook for the Recently Deceased" is also a perfect addition.