How Do You Make Loom Bracelets?

Make an easy single chain loom band bracelet on a loom or with your fingers using only 25 stretch bands and a stretch band clip. The process takes less than 10 minutes.

  1. Gather supplies

    Purchase stretch loom bands, a stretch band clip and a loom from a craft store. Make a simple loom with a piece of scrap wood and two long nails hammered into the wood about an inch apart. The index and middle finger can also be used as a loom.

  2. Make a single chain bracelet

    Wrap the first band in a figure eight around two pegs, two nails or your fingers. Wrap the second band normally around the pegs. Remove the first band, the bottom one, from the pegs. Wrap another band around the pegs normally. Remove the second band, which is now the bottom band, from the fingers. Repeat these steps until the desired length is reached or when 25 stretch bands have been chained together.

  3. Secure the loom band bracelet

    Finish the bracelet by placing the stretch band clip around both sides of the band that remains on the pegs, nails or your fingers. Remove the band from the pegs, and hook the other end onto the clip to secure the bracelet.