How Do You Make a Lone Star Quilt?


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Make a lone star quilt by carefully stitching together equally-sized pieces of diamond-shaped fabric into triangles that form the arms of a large star. Traditional methods require the use of templates and angle measurements when cutting to ensure the pieces stitch together into a cohesive whole.

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A lone star quilt consists of many small pieces of diamond fabric that are arranged into triangular formations that meet in the middle to form an eight-pointed star. All of the diamonds in the star have 45 degree angles. The overall shape is called a Lemoyne star.

The angles on every piece of fabric must be consistent, or the entire pattern looks off balance when completed. The traditional method to maintain consistency is to use a rotary ruler to measure the angles while cutting.

The pieces must also be sewn together very precisely. Quilt makers can achieve this precision by strip piecing. Pieces of fabric in contrasting colors are stitched together, and the seams are ironed. The next strip is stitched in the opposite direction to the previous. Stitching and pressing prevents the pieces from buckling. The points and sides of the overall shape are marked with dots to define the boundaries of the star.

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