How Do You Make Lighted Wine Bottle Crafts?

Some ideas for lighted wine bottle crafts include wine bottle lamps using Christmas lights, no-drill wine bottle lamps and frosted luminary wine bottles. All of these crafts require wine bottles and strings of lights, but the other components vary based on the project.

Making a basic wine bottle light requires a drill and 1/2-inch diamond drill bit, lubricant, and glass cleaner in addition to the bottle and lights. It also requires safety glasses and gloves. To make this project, first clean the wine bottle with glass cleaner. Then apply lubricant to the drilling location, and drill a hole near the bottom of the bottle. String the Christmas or craft lights through the hole and decorate the bottle as desired.

Maison Newton's no-drill version of a wine bottle light uses only the bottle, lights, twist-ties and decorations for the top of the bottle. Once the bottle is clean and dry, thread battery-operated lights through the top of the bottle. Arrange the decorations around the battery pack to hide it, and secure it with the twist-ties.

Frosted luminary wine bottles from Sugar Bee Crafts use frosted spray paint to achieve a frost finish on the outside of the bottle. The instructions are otherwise identical to those for the no-drill wine bottle light. In this variant, the wine bottle's cork hides the light cord.