How Do You Make a LEGO Costume?

How Do You Make a LEGO Costume?

Make a fun, realistic Lego costume in just a few minutes by following some simple steps. All you need is a cardboard box, craft boxes, a utility knife, a dinner plate, a saucer, wood glue, tape and spray paint.

  1. Prepare the cardboard box

    Get a rectangular cardboard box that is 16 inches wide, 29 inches high and 11 inches deep. Stand the box on one end. Cut away the flaps on the bottom of the box using the utility knife. Tape the top flaps closed.

  2. Cut out holes

    Lay a dinner plate on the taped top flap of the box, and trace around it to form a circle. On the upper sides of the box, on either side of the top flap, place a saucer and trace around it. Use a utility knife to cut out the circles. These are holes for the wearer's arms and head.

  3. Attach the craft boxes

    Acquire eight round craft boxes that are 2 inches high with a 4-inch diameter. Center the boxes as two columns of four along the front of the cardboard box, like a Lego brick, and glue them down using wood glue.

  4. Paint the cardboard box

    Spray-paint the cardboard box a bright, glossy red. Add as many coats of paint as necessary in order to uniformly cover the original brown color of the box. Let the paint dry.