How Do You Make a Leaf Shape Template?


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To make a leaf shape template, find a leaf in the desired shape outside or a graphic from the Internet. In addition to the leaf or graphic, gather a pencil, a piece of paper, preferably a thicker cardstock, and scissors.

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Select a leaf from outside in your desired size with little-to-no curling so that it is easy to trace. If you find a leaf you want to use that has curled, set a book down on it overnight to make it flat before you trace it.

To create the template, place the leaf on a piece of paper, and trace the outside of the leaf with a pencil. Check to see that the leaf is traced completely, then cut out the traced leaf pattern with scissors. If you use a leaf graphic printed from the Internet, take the scissors and follow the leaf outline to make your leaf shape template.

To create a reusable template, use iron-on vinyl to keep it from tearing easily, or laminate the template to make it sturdier and easier to handle. With both the iron-on vinyl and the lamination, you need to cut off the excess material to get the template back to the original leaf shape.

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