How Do You Make a Latch Hook Rug?


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To latch hook a rug, you can either purchase a kit with a template and all necessary materials included, or you can design your own rug and purchase materials separately. Materials needed for a latch hook rug include mesh rug canvas, rug yarn or pre-cut yarn, and a latch hook tool. If you buy rug yarn, you need to cut the yarn into even pieces that are approximately 2 1/2 inches long.

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Using pre-cut yarn saves time in the latch hooking process. Latch hook kits provide pre-cut yarn in every color needed for the template. If you are designing your own rug, you will need to purchase rug yarn or pre-cut yarn in every color you desire. Mesh rug canvases are available in different sizes.

The process of latch hooking involves threading the latch hook tool through a square in the mesh rug canvas. Place a piece of cut yarn over the canvas but underneath the latch hook tool. The tool needs to be in the center of the piece of yarn. Bring the two ends of the yarn together, and wrap them around the open mouth piece of the latch hook tool. Pull the tool downward out of the canvas. This process will loop the piece of yarn into the mesh. Repeat these steps for every piece of yarn.

Templates show the color of yarn needed for every square on the rug. If you are designing your own rug, you can create a template to work from before you begin latching the yarn to the canvas.

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