How Do You Make a Lasso?

How Do You Make a Lasso?

To make a lasso, form a stopper knot and a larger honda knot. Adjust the line through the honda knot to form any size lasso that you want. You need a piece of rope approximately four feet long.

  1. Create an overhand knot

    Hold one end of the rope in each hand and lay the rope on a flat surface. Take the right end and lay it over the middle of the rope, forming a loop. Pull the right end up through the loop. The right end is called the working end of the rope.

  2. Make the stopper knot

    Make another overhand knot at the end of the working end. Pull the end up through the loop and pull the knot tightly to create the stopper knot. Pull the working end up through the righthand loop of the first loose overhand knot.

  3. Create the honda knot

    Make the honda knot by pulling on the working end to tighten the loose overhand knot. Try to pull the working end and the tail end so that the stopper knot becomes tightly pulled to the honda knot. The honda knot is the large loop.

  4. Create a lasso

    Pull the tail end of the rope through the honda to create the lasso. Adjust the size of the lasso as necessary.