How do you make a ladder in Minecraft?


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Create a ladder in the PC version of "Minecraft" by stacking seven sticks in an "H" pattern within a crafting table, as of November 2014. Ladders create easy access points to enter and exit mine shafts that you dig throughout the Minecraft world.

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  1. Gather wood

    Gather any type of nearby wood, such as oak, acacia or birch. Use your crafting area on your character or take the wood to a crafting table to make wooden planks. Get four planks for every raw piece of wood.

  2. Create sticks

    Make up to four sticks for every wooden plank, either on your character's crafting area or on a crafting table. You can make up to 64 sticks for every 16 pieces of wooden planks. Store these sticks in your inventory until you make them into ladders.

  3. Make lots of ladders

    Place seven sticks on your crafting table, with one in each of the three left-hand slots, one in each of the right-hand slots and one in the center. Create up to three ladder units with one stick in each of the seven slots. You can make up to 64 ladder units at a time, and you can place 64 sticks in each of the crafting table slots. You need lots of ladders to effectively reach underground portions of the Minecraft world, so take at least two batches of 64 with you to easily get out of hard-to-reach areas.

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