How Do You Make a Kukui Nut Lei?


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To make a kukui nut lei, select 33 kukui nuts of various sizes. Cut two pieces of jewelry ribbon to 86 inches long, tie knots about 10 inches away from the ends of the ribbon and thread the nuts onto the ribbon. The process takes about one hour to complete.

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  1. Select the kukui nuts

    Select 33 trimmed and polished kukui nuts, preferably of different sizes.

  2. Cut the jewelry ribbon

    Cut two pieces of 1/4-inch jewelry ribbon or twine to 86-inches long.

  3. Tie a knot in the ribbons

    Tie a knot about 10 inches from the ends of each piece of ribbon.

  4. Thread the ribbon with the kukui nuts

    Position the kukui nut threader into the hole of one of the smaller nuts. Thread both pieces of the ribbon through the threader tool wires that are above the nut. Pull both pieces of the ribbon through the kukui nut threader, then pull the nut down to the knots on both pieces of ribbon. Repeat the process until all of the kukui nuts are positioned along the lei.

  5. Tie the ends of the ribbon

    Tie the ends of both pieces of the ribbon together. Trim and discard any excess ribbon, if desired.

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