How Do You Make a Knitting Board?

How Do You Make a Knitting Board?

Made from wood blocks and nails, homemade knitting boards help keep stitches straight and even. Before attaching nails, determine the weave type. Place nails closer together for a tight weave or farther apart for a loose weave. Weave type depends on the knitting project.

  1. Find a wood block

    Use a piece of scrap wood that's at least 12 inches long for shawls, ponchos and other clothing projects. For blankets and other knitting projects, use a piece of wood that spans the width of the final product. Sand down rough edges with sandpaper if necessary to prevent damage to the yarn.

  2. Determine nail spacing

    Use a ruler or tape measure to mark off the distance between nails. Determine nail spacing based on weave type. Use a pencil to mark nail positions to keep the nails straight. Do not place the nails more than 1 inch apart as this produces a very loose weave.

  3. Attach the nails

    Use a hammer to attach nails to the wood block. Leave enough of the nail head exposed to securely hold the yarn. Make sure that all the nails are the same height. Use a piece of yarn to test the knitting board to ensure proper nail placement. Make any adjustments before starting a knitting project.