How Do You Make Knitted Hats?


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To knit an easy hat, count how many stitches you need for the bottom row, cast them onto the knitting needle, and connect the two ends of the circle. Continue knitting in circles, making sure to knit fewer stitches in each row. Towards the end, start decreasing until there are four stitches left on the needle, and cut the yarn. Take the needle out, pull the yarn through the stitches, and hide it.

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To find out how many stitches you need for the bottom row, measure your head in inches, knit an inch-long swatch, count how many stitches there are in it, and multiply that number by the measurement of your head.

Use a circular knitting needle, as it makes it much easier to knit a hat, especially for a beginner. When connecting the first row of stitches, make sure that they are not twisted, as this mistake is impossible to recover from later.

Decreasing means making two stitches at once. Unfamiliar knitters should master this process before proceeding making the hat.

Use a darning needle or a crochet hook when pulling the excess yarn through the last four remaining stitches. To hide the excess yarn, pull it through the opening on top of the hat to the underside of the hat. Use a darning needle to weave the excess yarn through the hat to hide it completely.

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