How Do You Make a Kissing Ball?

How Do You Make a Kissing Ball?

To make a kissing ball, dab spots of hot glue onto the ends of evergreen boughs, and press the boughs into a 4-inch Styrofoam or floral foam ball. Next, wire or hot-glue pine cones, berries and ribbons onto the ball as accents.

Before adding greenery, hot-glue a U-shaped pin into the ball to create a holder. Another option is to connect a bow to a wire and wrap the wire around the ball.

Greenery should cover the Styrofoam to create the base of the kissing ball. The length of the greenery determines the size of the finished ball. About 1 to 2 inches of the evergreen stem goes into the ball. Therefore, if you cut the pieces 6 inches long, about 4 inches sticks out. Use different types of evergreen bows to cover the ball, or use ivy or holly leaves.

Red berries make good accessories to the kissing ball because they add color. Simply press stems with red berries attached between the greenery. To easily attach small pine cones, wrap-wire each cone, and attach it to a plant stake to press into the ball.

The decorations on the kissing ball don't have to be exactly the same on all sides, but the ball should look balanced. Hold up the ball to see if it needs more decorations.