How Do You Make a Kid's Lion Mask?


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A lion's mask can be made from a paper plate and some colorful ribbon or paper. However, those with printers can simply download mask templates from About.com.

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To make a lion's mask from a paper plate, begin by cutting 1-inch slits around the border of a paper plate for the lion's mane. Leave a 1-inch space between each slit. Punch a hole on either side of the plate to attach ribbons for wearing the mask. Hold the mask to the child's face, and gently mark where the eye holes should be cut out. Paint on facial features with typical lion-like colors, and allow the mask to dry. Cut three chenille sticks in half, and glue them on the lion's cheeks for whiskers.

A more complex lion mask craft is available at dltk-kids.com using a sturdy paper plate with the center circle removed or cardboard cut into a wreath shape. Cut 4-inch by 1-inch rectangles from brown and yellow construction paper. Roll each rectangle around an unsharpened pencil or craft stick to form curls. Form the mane by pasting each curl side by side around the outer edge of the wreath shape. Add construction paper ears, and tape a tongue depressor onto the mask as a handle.

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