How Do You Make a Kaper Chart?


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Kaper charts are typically used by Girl Scouts to divide chores among the members of a troop. To create a kaper chart you need a large piece of paper and a pen or marker. The entire process takes approximately 20 minutes.

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  1. Decide which chores need to be completed

    Decide which chores are needed based on the activities of the meeting and the group's size. Draw names from a hat to assign chores randomly, if desired.

  2. Determine if the tasks are group tasks or individual tasks

    Group tasks work well for groups with several members. Assign individual tasks to groups with a small amount of members.

  3. Determine group criteria if needed

    If group tasks are assigned, determine the size of the group. Assign members to each group.

  4. Decide how to rotate the chores

    Decide how often the chores should be rotated and in what manner. If group tasks are assigned, determine how often the groups change members.

  5. Construct the chart

    Draw a square grid on a large piece of paper. Write the days horizontally across the top of the paper and the tasks vertically down the left side of the paper. Write the name of the individual or group in the proper square for each task and day.

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