How Do I Make Jungle Decorations?


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Make great jungle decorations for a themed party or to adorn a room. This process takes only a few minutes but can take longer depending on the depth of detail. All you need are templates, a foam board, materials, glue, tape, scissors, a razor knife, a cutting mat, paint, a brush and embellishments.

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How Do I Make Jungle Decorations?
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  1. Get templates

    Find templates on craft or educational websites. Print and cut them out. Make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors so that the template has clean edges.

  2. Glue templates to foam board

    Purchase a foam board that is 1/4- to 1/2-inch thick. Rub glue on the foam board. Lay the template on the glue and press it down firmly.

  3. Cut out the shapes

    Lay the foam board on a cutting mat. Use a razor knife to cut around the perimeter of the template. Rub away any wrinkles in the paper.

  4. Paint the shapes

    Paint the foam board shapes using acrylic and tempera paints. Experiment with a variety of colors. To create the look of fur on animals, brush the paint in upward and downward motions.

  5. Embellish the shapes

    Embellish and add texture to the decorations by adding material and fabric. For example, add imitation snakeskin to a reptilian shape to give it a realistic look. Make sure to cover the sides of the foam board with ribbon or rope to give it a polished appearance.

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