How Do You Make an Ivory Soap Carving?


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To make a soap carving, trace the desired pattern onto the soap with a pencil or fine-tipped marker, and use a knife to cut away the soap that is outside the pattern. After cutting away the soap outside the pattern, use the fine tip of a knife, an orange stick or a plastic fork to cut the details into the soap. Remove small pieces of soap with a paper towel as needed.

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When making the outline with a pencil, press the pencil tip into the soap to make a light indentation, and avoid cutting away large pieces of soap, as this may cause the bar to break. Linoleum cutters with handle attachments are an alternative to use instead of cutting the soap with a knife.

When using a linoleum cutter, use a number six attachment to carve away the soap that is outside the pattern, and use number five and number four attachments to carve the fine details in the soap.

If the soap has the name brand carved into it, hold the soap under running water, and use a sponge to gently scrub the logo off the soap. Allow the soap to dry overnight before carving it. Different brands of soap are used in soap carving, but rectangular bars of soap are recommended for beginners.

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